7 Steps to Improving Network Security Through Automation

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When it comes to network security, we often think about vulnerabilities or exploits. About internal threats, and password compromises. We don't often think about automation. However, automation is the foundation on which networks are kept secure. Check out the infographic to learn more. 

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With support for thousands of network devices from over 180 vendors, you can automate anything an administrator would do at the keyboard, across devices from any vendor.

Our Automation Library gets you started quickly with 3,000 pre-built but customizable automations, created by our services team to meet the complex needs of our Global 500 customers.

Can’t find a pre-built automation that fits your criteria? Build your own using only the commands that you already use for administration with our Automation Builder. No scripting required.

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Founded in 2011, more than 500 network operations teams and MSPs globally count on BackBox to continuously improve the health, security, and compliance of their network devices with flexible, scalable automation. We believe that network automation should be easy, attainable, and provide our customers with unprecedented time savings and reduced risk.

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